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Hairstyle is an important part of men’s grooming because it is the first thing that people notice and is not less important than the clothes. A visit to the barber should not be just for haircut but proper styling as well. There is a plethora of hairstyle choices for men right such as buzz cut, fade, military and more which gives a lot of options to explore for the men as per their preferences, face shape and other factors. However, the key is to get access to an expert hairstylist only.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is the most suitable destination for men seeking the Best Barbers In Fayetteville NC. The male grooming experts of this salon offer custom haircuts for imparting multiple kinds of hairstyles to their customers. In addition, the services also include custom beard trim and shaving.


Multiple hairstyles covered

Pinky’s Chop Shop has the Best Barbers In Fayetteville NC, not the least because they are proficient in creating a wide range of hairstyles as per the facial features and requirements of the customers. Some of the hairstyles covered under the services include the following.

  • Crew cut is a short, military style haircut. The clean lines impart a neat and tidy look to the person. It is suitable for all face types and nature of hair
  • Caesar cut features a short cut fringe, disconnected skin fades at the sides and back and a tousled crown area
  • Mohawk hairstyle characterised by a strip of longer hair coming from the upper part and extending till the nape of the neck with short buzz cut sides

Custom beard cut/trimming

Pinky’s Chop Shop has skilled and experienced barbers to style the beards as per specific features such as face shape, thickness of the hair, waviness, curliness and more. The barbers also take the preferences of the customers into consideration to cut and trim beards to particular styles.

There is a wide variety of beard styles which are offered by the expert barbers of Pinky’s Chop Shop. Some of them are as follows.

  • Goatee beard styled using a trimmer to define the goatee shape and removing the remaining facial hair from other parts of the face
  • Royale beard style achieved by defining the beard with a trimmer followed by removal of the hair connecting chin strip to the moustache
  • Short boxed beard style having thin, trimmed sides which is imparted by using a beard trimmer to maintain a clean line at the underside of the jaw


Pinky’s Chop Shop has been in business since the year 2015. Whether the customers want a haircut or beard trimming or shaving or any other kind of grooming service, the barbers at this shop cater to all their requirements.

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