Behind The Cut: Men’s Haircut Definitions

Impress your stylist with what you know!

Have you ever walked into a local Pinky’s Chop Shop — perhaps even our Spring Lake location — sat down in the chair, and then completely froze when your stylist asks about what you want to do with your hair?

It’s okay, we all do it!

It can be difficult to talk about a men’s hairstyle you like and want to try without really having the ability to explain it. Take a minute here and learn more about basic men’s haircut definitions so you can get the perfect haircut every time!

Men’s Haircut Definitions Your Need To Know

Knowing stylist speak and the correct terminology for a haircut is one of the best ways you can communicate with your stylist to get the look you want — what you describe may be completely different from what they have envisioned!

Classic Taper

This is a very basic and common men’s haircut. The classic taper features hair on the top that is long enough to style or comb-over and very gradually tapers to a short length around the ears and neck. It’s neat and trim and perfect for any lifestyle. The upkeep for a classic taper is recommended once a month at a minimum.


The crewcut is shorter than the classic taper, oftentimes with the sides and back of the head being buzzed very short, with a couple of inches of growth left on the top — typically not being left long enough to part or style.


The butch is one step shorter than the crewcut, where the hair length is no longer than ¼” and is neatly trimmed around the ears and neck.

Military Cut

Every division of the military has a set of regulations for men’s haircut standards — it’s not just one category. While many opt to keep their hair buzzed, each is required to follow these regulations, with no exceptions. The stylists at Pinky’s Chop Shop in Spring Lake are familiar with military cut regulations.

Brush Cut

With the sides and back resembling a crewcut, the brush cut starting from the neck stays short and contours the head until the crown where it gradually gets longer and combed upwards to look like the bristles of a brush.

Bowl Cut

The bowl cut truly stands up to its myth — yes, a bowl was placed on top of the head and cut around it. This was common in the depression era because it was an easy and cheap haircut at home, and is still requested (minus the bowl) by many kids.


The taper is often misinterpreted as a very short cut, but a tapered hairline can also be longer, or what’s known as a low taper. A classic taper is gradual to a zero-length and exposes a natural hairline. Many like the taper because as the hair grows out it remains blended and natural, extending the upkeep.

What Style Will You Try At Pinky’s Chop Shop?

Knowing a couple of common haircut terms can be quite helpful to get a haircut you’ll walk out loving, but at the end of the day, if there is something you like, a picture will greatly help!

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