Blonde And Beyond

Because there’s more than just one shade of blonde!

If you’re considering going blonde or want to shake things up with your current blonde color, blonde is more than what meets the eye! There are a myriad of shimmering shades to this color that create a unique look every time!

Did you say blonde? Pinky’s Chop Shop can make it happen! Dive deep into the world of blonde hair coloring in today’s post.

The Different Shades Of Blonde

Want to be a blonde bombshell? Well, you can be a Nordic and icy cool blonde, an ashy blonde, a strawberry blonde, and even a buttery blonde! So, which one are you?! Let’s peer into the different shades of blonde!

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is the lightest and palest of all the shades of blonde. While most people can pull off the platinum blonde look, the question then becomes, what does upkeep look like?

If you’re not a natural platinum blonde, chances are you’ll be in the hot seat — or a big comfy chair at Pinky’s — monthly for at least a root touch-up.

Marilyn Monroe made the platinum shade a household fav, while Daenerys Targaryen swooped in on her dragons and solidified the look for Millennials and Gen Z everywhere!

Other light blonde shades to consider include light ash blonde that has an ashy gray tint and is a cool blonde, or a natural blonde that combines several light blonde shades for a multidimensional blonde hue.

Medium Blonde Colors

If you desire more of a natural or darker blonde color, there are a variety of medium blonde options.

A dirty blonde may be more attainable for those who already have naturally darker hair — less upkeep. This shade of blonde’s signature has shades of wheat and mixed with, you guessed it, dirt. But not real dirt!

Then there are honey blondes that are warm and shimmering and great for those with darker eye colors. The roots are kept somewhat dark, while honey highlights are the bee’s knees!

Looking for more amber undertones and golden hues? Try a copper blonde. This shade of blonde goes beyond strawberry and embraces a beautiful red tone.

If you have a darker hair color that is hard to transition to a full-out platinum, copper blonde is the perfect compromise that doesn’t leave your color looking brassy.

Darker Shades Of Blonde

Did you know that brondes are a thing? Brownish blonde (bronde) is a stunning, yet subtle warm shade of blonde that is rich and contrasts a variety of different blonde shades.

A caramel blonde is also another stunner. It fuses a base of honey-hued and golden shades of blonde with pale highlights that frame the face.

Hassle Free Blonde Hair Infographic

Blonde Trends

If you want more than just blonde highlights and are looking for a color a little more trendy, Pinky’s Chop Shop has you covered. Try one of these statement colors this summer!

Shadow Roots

Not interested in the blonde upkeep, but still want to be blonde? Shadow roots may be perfect! This technique can work for most colors, but optimal for blondes.

For a flawless look, it’s important that there is a perfect gradation of color, with no more than four levels of the base color. It’s all about an effortless blend that starts darker at the roots and gets blonder towards the ends.

The Money Piece

The money piece is pretty much as bold as you can get — it combines face-framing platinum blonde streaks that are typically dyed a vibrant color such as lime green, pink, or red.


The opalescent blonde trend takes a cool icy blonde color one step further and incorporates light blue and purple highlights. Is it blonde or is it light blue? The opalescent blonde catches the light a little bit differently at every angle!

Ready To Go Blonde?

Whether you prefer a light blonde shade to a dark blonde color, Pinky’s Chop Shop has the best colorists that can whip up the perfect shade of blonde for you.

Together we’ll discuss upkeep and what each shade of blonde may look like on you, because cool and warm tones look different on everyone.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and finally go blonde, Pinky’s Chop Shop will give you an amazing look every time!

Stop in today!