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Stay in the lines or break all the rules with beautiful hair color!

Get exactly the hair color you’ve been wanting — from traditional highlights and all-over color to ombre and fantasy colors, our hair color services in Spring Lake go beyond the status quo!


Hair coloring services you’ll find in Spring Lake include:

  • All-over color
  • Highlights
  • Color retouch
  • Ombre
  • Balayage
  • Fantasy colors

Chemical Services Spring Lake

At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Spring Lake, we go beyond haircuts and provide a variety of hair coloring services for those who want to get fresh and funky and those who like a more traditional look!

All-Over Color in Spring Lake

Whether you’re hiding grays or want to go darker or lighter, our Spring Lake colorists knock hair color out of the park! All-over color is a simple hair coloring service where we dye your entire hair one, streamlined color.

Highlights in Spring Lake

From icy to warm highlights, here at Pinky’s Chop Shop in Spring Lake, we can help you look sun-kissed or take your rightful throne as the ice queen! Highlights do a wonderful job of lightening areas where the sun might naturally lighten strands. It’s not an all-over color — highlights can be a couple of lighter strands in the front to frame your face to partial and full highlights.

Color Retouch in Spring Lake

Roots are the enemy if your color or highlight your hair! If you’re in-between coloring appointments but need a quick touch up for a special event or just to help you feel better, a color retouch is perfect! We can help hide your roots and prolong your color until your next appointment.

Ombre in Spring Lake

Ombre is a hair coloring technique that is darker at the crown of the head and begins to lighten at the mid-hair shaft and down. Ombre can be a traditional blonde, brown, or red color or you can create a fun, new look with fantasy colors.

Balayage in Spring Lake

Much like highlights, balayage is a hair coloring technique that lightens hair, but instead uses a free-hand technique. Hair is darker at the roots and gradually gets lighter.

Fantasy Colors in Spring Lake

From hot pink to a deep magenta, we have all the colors of the rainbow to color your hair with! Do an all-over color, ombre, or a combination of fantasy colors at Pinky’s Chop Shop in Spring Lake.

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