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Go darker, daring, or golden with our hair color services!

Hair color is the perfect way to level up your look and make you feel your best! At Pinky’s Chop Shop, we provide a variety of hair color services to freshen up your look!


Hair color services at Pinky’s are top-notch, you’ll always get:

At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville we do more than men’s haircuts, we provide comprehensive men’s grooming services including:

  • High-quality colors
  • Top-rated chemicals
  • Experienced colorists
  • Creative and fun ideas
  • Products that keep your mane healthy and strong
  • Innovative coloring techniques

Chemical Services

Upgrade your style. Darker, brighter, lighter, bolder — whatever you want to do to your look, the right color can make a world of difference. We offer the following color services to help you look and feel your best.

  • All-over color
  • Color retouch
  • Highlights
  • Balayage
  • Ombre
  • Fantasy colors

Pricing is dependent on which color treatments and the number of colors selected. Please reach out for additional pricing information.

Our team uses only the highest-quality colors and chemicals to keep your hair looking healthy and strong, no matter how many colors you want to apply. Plus, with decades of combined experience on our side, we know all the tips and tricks to help you look your best. Go blonder, add a blue streak, or fade your grays — there are no rules when you come to Pinky’s Chop Shop.

Call now to schedule your hair color appointment. We’ll see you in the shop soon.


All-Over Color

All-over color — also known as single-process color — is when your entire head of hair is dyed one, single color. Within the realm of one single shade is its lastability — from semi-permanent and demi-permanent to permanent.

Color Retouch

Regrowth. It’s everyone’s worst hair nightmare! It’s when grays emerge or dark roots spoil your bleach blonde aesthetic! This is exactly what a color retouch is for — it’s the coverup you need without having to dye or highlight the rest of your hair. Saving it from damage and extending the life of your color!


Highlights typically mimic the natural color your hair might pick up with sun exposure — the sun-kissed look everyone loves.

Highlights begin at the crown or scalp of your head and cover the entire strand down to the ends.


Balayage is similar to highlights, but implements a freehand technique that foregoes separating the hair in foils as highlights do.

This method creates a gradient where the hair is darker towards the roots and gradually gets lighter as you move down, focusing on the mid-shaft and down to the ends.


Ombre is a more dramatic hair coloring technique, in French meaning shade or shadow. Like balayage, ombre is darker at the crown of the head or scalp and is lightened at the mid-shaft.

Ombre is customizable and can range in color anywhere from blonde, brown, or red to fantasy colors such as blue or pink. This is a great low-maintenance hair coloring option that changes as your hair grows out and as the color fades.

Fantasy Colors

Fantasy colors are the vibrant hair colors such as bright pink, purple, blue, and beyond! You can choose a fantasy all-over color or an rainbow ombre — if you can dream it, we can color it!

To learn more about haircolor tips and tricks check out our blog, and schedule your next haircolor appointment today!

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