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Grooming not only improves the appearance but also boosts self confidence. This is true not only for women but men as well. Hair and facial hair are two important aspects of men’s grooming needs. Apart from stylish looks, proper maintenance of hair, beard and moustaches also improve hygiene. Moreover, groomed hair and facial hair helps in getting a professional look. However, grooming needs vary as per the personalities and personal preferences of the men. Whatever may be the grooming needs, it is imperative to hire the services of experienced stylists only.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a specialist salon for men offering a host of services for men’s grooming including Fayetteville NC Haircut. The expert hairstylists at the salon are well versed with the haircutting tools and methods to give all kinds of trendy looks to your mass of hair. Fades, shaving and beard trimming are some of the other areas of expertise of this salon.


Specialist haircutting Services

Pinky’s Chop Shop has skilled barbers proficient in haircutting and styling in a number of ways. Regardless of whether you like to wear your hair long, medium or short or your hair type is wavy or straight or curly, the salon is the best destination for Fayetteville NC Haircut as per your specific requirements. All kinds of hairstyles are covered under the services. Some have been mentioned here.

You can opt for regular type of haircut as is commonly preferred by professionals. A quintessential regular hair style has short sides and back and a longer top. This kind of hairstyle is easy to manage because combing does not require any extra effort. It also imparts a neat appearance.

The expert barbers at the salon are also well versed with crew cut haircutting style. Crew cut hairstyle comes among the military style haircuts but is highly adaptable for casual appearance as well. The major features of crew cut style are short back and top with tapering sides.

Ivy League haircutting style also features among the hairstyling services of the salon. In this type of haircutting, the hair is cropped at the sides but the top remains long in what is called a comb over fashion. The hair can either be styled in a side part fashion or brushed forward as per your individual choice.

Pompadour haircutting style features a section of hair above the forehead in a rounded manner. There are many variations of pompadour hairstyle and you can select one as per your needs.


Pinky’s Chop Shop provides a highly relaxed atmosphere to enable you to enjoy hair cutting or any other grooming experience. Complementary beverages such as beer are also available for the customers.

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