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Haircuts for men are no longer about just cutting the tresses to suitable lengths but encompass a plethora of styles conforming to facial features and personal preferences of men. In fact, hairstyle has become a major element of men’s grooming along with beard and skin care. Getting the perfect hairstyle is not possible without the services of professional hairstylists. The good news is that there are salons offering specialist haircutting services to impart all kinds of modern hairstyles.

Pinkys Chop Shop is offering professional Fayetteville NC Mens Haircuts. Basic haircutting services are offered to achieve all kinds of hairstyles. The grooming services are not limited to haircuts but also features face shaving, beard trimming and waxing for nose and eyebrows.


Buzz Cut Style Haircuts

Pinky’s Chop Shop offers buzz cut style haircuts. This kind of haircut is possible with the use of clippers. The hair is first washed and dried because clippers don’t work well with dirty or wet hair.

Buzz haircuts are defined by hairs cut very close to the scalp and sharp prominent lines achieved by trimming the edges with a high degree of precision.

Undercut Style Haircuts

Pinkys Chop Shop is a perfect destination for undercut style of Fayetteville NC Mens Haircuts. This type of haircut is a short or medium length style characterised by longer hair at the top and buzz cut sides and even the back. It is a sophisticated and classic style.

The barbers at the salon can buzz the sides to as short as 9mm or a longer length up to 21mm as per the needs of the customers and other factors. Typically, the barbers use 12mm/.49 inches guard or number 4 guard for the sides if the top hair is 5 cm or 24mm/.94 inches guard or number 12 guard for the sides if the top hair measures 12-15 cm. The styling is completed using a pomade which is run through moist and towel dried hair.

Side Part Style Haircuts

Pinkys Chop Shop also offers side part style haircutting. Side part is a clean and short haircut with a distinctive side part. It provides a traditional look to the person. This type of haircutting is only possible when the hair length is more than 10 cm. For this kind of haircut, the barbers clip the sides using a hair clipper. The clipper guard can be between number 3 and number 6.


Pinkys Chop Shop provides the facility to book its services through the online route. The customers can also select between the professionals to attend to their needs. The rates are clearly mentioned on the website.

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