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Men’s grooming has caught on with the modern men and the trend of men taking extensive step to improve their appearance is showing high growth. Looking immaculate is not limited to just wearing trendy clothes but depends upon a whole lot of other factors such as hairstyle, facial hair pattern, skincare and others. With respect to haircutting and facial hair styling and shaving, there are men's grooming experts having the skills and experience to provide the best results.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a hub of stylists focused on men’s grooming with respect to both scalp and facial hair. It offers a plethora of services right from customised hairstyling and fades to beard styling and Fayetteville NC Straight Razor Shave. The services are tailored to the specific preferences of the customers.


Custom Beard Styling

The barbers at Pinky’s Chop Shop trim, shape and style the beards as per various factors such as face shape and features of the hair such as thickness, curliness and waviness besides the specific needs of the customers. The expert barbers also carry out beard care routine using beard balm, oil, wash and other products depending upon the nature and other characteristics of the beard hair.


The customers can opt for a number of customised beard styles. Some have been mentioned here.

  • Square beard style featuring sharp and precise lines near the cheekbone. The beard is shorter on the sides and fuller on the chin. This is a particularly suitable style for square jaws.
  • Goatee beard is a small strip of hair along the chin which gives an elongated appearance to the chin.
  • Short boxed beard with thin neatly trimmed sides.
  • Van Dyke beard features a goatee with a detached moustache
  • Balbo style featuring a beard without side burns and a short floating moustache.

Straight Razor Shaving

Pinky’s Chop Shop offers Fayetteville NC Straight Razor Shave to its customers. Straight razor is a traditional razor used for wet shaving. The design of a straight razor features a blade continuing into the handle with the ability to fold into the handle. Perfect shaving with straight razor is possible only in the hands of an expert barber proficient in this kind of shaving as the experts in Pinky’s Chop Shop certainly are.

There are many benefits of straight razor shaving. Some of them have been mentioned here.

  • Straight razor shaving provides the closest possible shaving experience. This is possible because the edges of a straight razor can be bevelled to cut as much close as possible to the skin.
  • Straight razor shaving eliminates the chances of development of in-grown hairs because close cutting of the hair leaves no sharp angles on the ends of the hair and removes dead skin cells which are the causes of abnormal hair growth.


Pinky’s Chop Shop was established in the year 2015 and it has emerged as a leading barber shop over the years, showcasing exemplary skills with respect to various aspects of men’s grooming.

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