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Premium Solutions for Men’s Grooming Requirements in Fort Bragg

Men’s grooming is no longer limited to models and actors but has expanded to include men from all sections of society. The growing realisation that appearing good is not a feminine prerogative is driving the men’s grooming sector. From skin care to hairstyling and beard upkeep, there is a wide range of grooming needs for men. However, it is imperative to hire the services of professional men grooming experts only to get the best results.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a hub of male grooming services with specialised services available for facial and scalp hair. Thus, whether you are seeking a Fort Bragg Beard Barber to style your stubble or hairstyling experts for your tresses, there is a wide range of services to fulfil your needs. Online booking facility is available for the customers.


Modern Haircutting

Pinky’s Chop Shop has expert barbers to carry out haircutting in various styles. Depending upon your personal preference, hair length, face shape and other factors, the barbers impart the best hairstyle which enhances your appearance. The skilled professionals provide the finest haircutting experience to the customers.

For example, the salon is a specialist in all kinds of fade haircutting. Fade hairstyle is characterised by longer hair at the top decreasing gradually towards the bottom, usually to the bare skin. The customers can choose multiple styles of fade haircutting such as high fade, low fade, faux hawk fade, medium taper fade, quiff bald fade, side part fade and more.

Beard Styling

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a leading Fort Bragg Beard Barber offering beard styling services. The beards are expertly trimmed and crafted into multiple styles as per the needs of the customers. Custom beard trimming complete with razor detailing is the major feature of the beard services of this salon.

The customers can opt between multiple kinds of beard styles such as garibaldi, balbo, goatee, anchor, imperial, chin strap, verdi, mutton chops and more. Beard barbers suggest the best styles as per the face shape and other factors.


Pinky’s Chop Shop offers traditional hot towel shaving using a straight razor followed by post shave treatment to get a smooth clean shaven appearance. The professionals at this salon are adept at handling straight razors skilfully. Straight razor uses a single blade to shave as much close as possible to the skin to enable more clean shaving as compared to modern cartridge razors. Skin irritation and ingrown hairs are also minimised by straight razor shaving.

Other services

Pinky’s Chop Shop also specialises in removing nose hair and styling the eyebrows through the process of waxing. Kid’s haircutting services are also available for children aged 5-10 years only.


Pinky’s Chop Shop was established in the year 2015. It was named the Best Barbershop by Up and Coming Weekly magazine in 2019-2023. The salon is known for its relaxing atmosphere complete with complementary beverages.

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