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Men are increasingly becoming conscious of the need to take care of their physical appearance and well-being. Consequently, the men’s grooming industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Hair grooming and beard maintenance are important components of men’s grooming since both scalp and facial hair play an important role in the overall appearance. Thus, the demand for professional hair stylists and beard barbers is high amongst men.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a premier destination for fulfilling a host of men’s grooming needs. Whether you are seeking specialist haircutting and styling services, clean shaving, waxing or Fort Bragg Beard Care, the men’s grooming professionals of this salon provide top-notch experience. The services are customised to suit the particular preferences of the customers to achieve their desired looks.


Customised Haircuts

Pinky’s Chop Shop has skilled and experienced barbers well versed in all kinds of hairstyles right from classic trims to bold styles. The haircuts are tailored to the preferences and lifestyles of the clients to enhance their appearances. Full assistance is provided to the clients to select the best hairstyles depending upon a host of factors.

Some of the hairstyles which are covered under the services are as follows.

  • Quiff haircut characterised by classic short cut at the back and around the ears, and longer hair at the top brushed away from the forehead
  • Fade haircut featuring short hair cut close to the scalp at the back and sides with smooth graduation to longer and thicker hair at the top
  • Buzz cut in which the hair is cut close to the scalp with length and style customised as per personal preferences

Beard Grooming and Shaving

Pinky’s Chop Shop offers the best Fort Bragg Beard Care to maintain healthy and well groomed beard. The expert barbers of the salon carry out perfect bread trimming, shaping and conditioning tailored to enhance the facial features and impart a highly stylish appearance. Specific preferences of the clients are determined in order to craft a highly suitable style. All kinds of beard styles such as goatee, French cut, short boxed, balbo, chin strip, royale and others are crafted with precision by the barbers.

Straight razor shaving services are offered to the clients wanting to maintain a clean shaven appearance. Unlike cartridge razors, traditional straight razors feature a single blade which cut as close to the skin as possible without causing much skin irritation and ingrown hairs. The barbers at the salon have vast experience in handling straight razors and carry out high precision shaving. Classic straight razor shaving is followed by post-shave treatment to rejuvenate the skin.


Pinky’s Chop Shop is a recipient of the Reader’s Choice Award for the Best Barbershop by the Fayetteville Observer and was also named the Best Barbershop by the Up and Coming weekly magazine. Services at this salon can be booked online.

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