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Men’s grooming is in vogue in the current times. Whether it is hairstyling or bearded appearance, skin care or any other element, getting a trendy look is the major concern for men visiting salons. There is no dearth of looks to choose from, whether emulating your favourite movie stars or bringing the style statements of yore with modern embellishments. However, getting a groomed appearance as per your exact preferences requires the ministrations of expert stylists.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is well versed in crafting your hair to a style well suited to your personality and taste. Regardless of whether you are seeking buzz cut or side part or Fort Liberty Fade Haircut, it is the best destination to fulfil your requirements. Apart from haircutting, you can also visit this shop for custom beard trimming, shaving, waxing and more.


Tailored haircutting services

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a hub for professional haircutting tailored to specific styling requirements of the clients. For instance, it offers Fort Liberty Fade Haircut of multiple sub-types. In fade haircut style, the hairs at the sides and back are cut as close as possible to the scalp using clippers. The hairstylists at the salon are adept at all kinds of fade haircuts. Some of them are as follows.

  • High fade begins at the top part of the skull, almost at the level of the forehead. This type of fade haircutting exposes a major part of the skull. Altogether, it serves to create an elongated effect
  • Mid fade in which the tapering begins at the level of the eyebrows and the fade extends till the hairline around the neck and ears. It also imparts an elongated effect to the face but has a fuller volume at the crown
  • Low fade is more subtle with the tapering commencing an inch above the ears closer to the neckline. It is more suited for slim foreheads.

In addition to fade haircuts, the stylists at Pinky’s Chop Shop are adept at many other types of hair styles.

Other services

Pinky’s Chop Shop offers classical shaving featuring straight razor, hot towel, steam towel and post-shave treatment. The result is a clean shaven appearance without nicks, cuts, bumps, in gown hairs and other issues.

Custom beard trimming is available for the men wanting a bearded appearance. The beards are shaped in various styles such as French cut, goatee, box style and more as per the needs of the customers. The beards are intricately trimmed using razors.

Haircutting services are offered for kids as well. Kids aged 5-10 years

Nose and eyebrows waxing are carried out at the salon.


Pinky’s Chop Shop won the Readers’ Choice Award for 2018-22 Best Barbershop in Fayetteville Observer. It has also been named as the Best Barbershop by the weekly magazine Up and Coming for the 2019-2023.

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