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Men’s grooming routine is not limited to just skincare and apparels but includes hair and facial hair a well. Thus, complete grooming for men is not complete without proper upkeep of hairstyle and beard. Unkempt hair or craggy beard or improper shaving spoil the physical appearance even if the skincare and clothes are of top notch quality. Thus, the importance of skilled barbers in men’s grooming cannot be underestimated.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is the one-stop location for men’s grooming needs. It offers the best services for Fort Liberty Mens Haircut to get any hairstyle right from fades to buzz cuts and others. Facial hair services including both beard styling and clean shaving are also available at the salon.


Fade Haircutting

Fade haircut is a technique which tapers the hair in such a manner that it fades into the skin eventually. This involves keeping the hair longer at the top and shaving close to the skin at the back and sides. Fade cutting method entails the use of a trimmer with a combination of blades of different sizes. Pinky’s Chop Shop is proficient in perfectly carrying out various sub-types of fade haircutting. Some are as follows.

  • Low fade haircut entails close trimming of the hair through the last inch on the back and sides to fade just above the ears and around the temple. The hair at the top is longer compared to the sides and back.
  • Medium fade haircut means the fade starts several inches above the ears while the top hair is much longer. This is achieved by cutting the first layers with scissors followed by trimming towards the bottom
  • High fade is the boldest among all kinds of fade haircuts. It involves closely trimming the sides and back starting from the upper sides of the crown down to the nape of the neck
  • Burst fade haircut leaves a wide Mohawk style cropped hair as a centrepiece with tightly faded sides around and above the ears. The fade appears to be bursting from the sides, hence the name
  • Pompadour fade is achieved by cutting the top hair in pompadour style and closely trimming the sides to create a fade. A part may be shaved to get a clear transition into the faded portion on the sides


Other haircutting styles

Pinky’s Chop Shop's Fort Liberty Mens Haircut services encompass many other hairstyles as per the preferences of the customers. Some are as follows.

  • High and tight haircut featuring 1/16 inch or smaller hair clipped close to the scalp at the sides and back with upper hair measuring 3/8 or ¼ inch
  • Quiff haircut in which the sides and back are cropped close to the scalp while the top hair is kept longer.
  • Caesar style haircut in which super short bangs are created by trimming just below the hairline and accompanied with high fade


Pinky’s Chop Shop offers online booking facility to its customers. The customers are simply required to access the website of the salon and select the service they need and even pick the professionals of their choice.

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