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Diverse men's grooming services under the same roof in Fort Liberty

Aesthetics are associated with women by default. However, in the modern times, looking good is not an area of concern for just women but men as well. Men's grooming used to be linked with male actors and models. But in the modern times, grooming services are sought by men from all sections of the society, right from students to professionals. Hairstyling and facial hair maintenance make up an important part of men’s grooming.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a leading salon dedicated to men’s grooming needs. It not only offers customised haircutting and beard styling and men’s waxing but is also a Fort Liberty Straight Razor Barber. The experienced and renowned stylists of this salon are adept at creating the preferred looks for their customers.


Clean Shaving Services

Men preferring to keep their face free of stubble require clean shaving. The closest clean shaving known to man is possible only through a straight razor. While straight razor shaving is a luxurious experience, it takes techniques, skills, patience and preparation. Thus, it is imperative to get straight razor shaving from the hands of a specialist barber only.

Pinky’s Chop Shop is the most suitable option for men seeking Fort Liberty Straight Razor Barber. The barbers at this salon are well versed with the various steps of straight razor shaving, right from preparing the skin and selecting the right kind of blades to making perfect strokes during the shaving process to moisturizing the skin after the completion of the process.

The steps of straight razor shaving are as follows.

  • Preparation of the skin to soften it and open the pores to avoid burns during the process. The hair is also softened. To this end, products such as pre-shave oil, conditioner and shaving gel are used
  • The blade is kept at the correct angle to cleanly cut the stubble without harming the skin. The angle is adjusted as per the different parts of the face
  • Short and even strokes are made without jerking or chopping. Second pass to check for missed patches is made after re-lathering the skin with shaving gel or cream
  • Splashing the skin with cold water immediately after shaving to tighten the pores followed by application of post-shave balm or moisturizer


Eyebrow and Nose Waxing Services

Pinky’s Chop Shop offers eyebrow waxing services to style and groom the eyebrows. It involves use of hot or cold wax to style thick and dense eyebrows. The experts at the salon customise the waxing technique to get the desired eyebrow shape. They also conduct the process safely with minimum discomfort to the customers.

Nose waxing also features among the services. This technique involves putting wax on the tip of a wooden applicator which then placed inside the nostril. The nasal hair is removed by pulling out the wooden applicator.


Pinky’s Chop Shop is an award winning salon. It won the Reader’s Choice Award for 2018-22 Best Barbershop in Fayetteville Observer and was named the Best Barbershop by Up and Coming Weekly magazine for the 2019-2023 period.

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