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Create a whole new look or just trim a couple of inches from the bottom – either way, you’ll always get the best haircut in Fayetteville at Pinky’s Chop Shop!

With the leading Fayetteville hairstylists who use their skills and expertise to give you a fresh and styled look every time, you’ll feel great about each and every haircut you get at Pinky’s Chop Shop!


Why get a haircut anywhere other than Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville?

  • Online bookings
  • Fun, creative, and experienced hairstylists
  • Relaxing and vibrant atmosphere
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Comfy chairs
  • Convenient hours

Freshen up your look with a haircut you’ll love from Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville!

Whether you need a weekly trim or love a good undercut from time-to-time, we have you covered!

Online Bookings

What makes for a streamlined haircut in Fayetteville? Online bookings! We want every part of your experience at Pinky’s Chop Shop to be effortless, including how you schedule an appointment. We understand that you may work non-traditional hours or have a busy schedule that makes it hard to carve out time to give us a call.

Conveniently schedule your next haircut online!

Unrivaled Fayetteville Hairstylists

Pinky’s Chop Shop has a way of finding the most fun and uber-talented hairstylists to give you the best haircut in Fayetteville! From chopping your long locks to military cuts, you’ll get the look you want every time.

Laid Back Atmosphere

Don’t worry about having to impress anyone here – come as you are! When you enter our Fayetteville location, you’ll soon come to love the big, comfy chairs and the lively conversations that fill our shop. You can sit down with a beer and feel right at home!

Complimentary Drinks

Take the edge off in our stress-free zone and enjoy your favorite beer or beverage of choice – this is just one more reason you’ll love Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville.

Comfy Chairs

The last thing you want to be thinking about when you’re getting your haircut is how uncomfortable you are, and we take this very seriously. We want you to be able to relax and even take a cat nap during a haircut, which is why we chose the coziest chairs for you to hunker down in.

Convenient Hours

We know not everyone works traditional 9-to-5 hours, so we’ve made it easy for everyone to get a great haircut with extended and convenient hours.

Schedule your appointment today and experience the best haircut in Fayetteville today!

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