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Become A Licensee Of Pinky’s Chop Shop

Pinky’s Chop Shop is a grooming lounge with a foundation in quality haircuts and a laid-back atmosphere. Pinky’s was created for all, especially those looking for unrivaled services that allows you to do you! We embrace community and have worked purposefully to create a space where everyone feels welcome.

If you align with the misfits and those who edge the line of conventionality, becoming a Pinky’s Chop Shop licensee may be right up your alley!

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The Core Of Pinky’s Chop Shop

  • Fun and easygoing team members
  • Cutting-edge styles brimming with quality
  • A safe place where people can be themselves
  • Community-driven

Why Become A Pinky’s Chop Shop Licensee?

Licensing is a great opportunity for anyone that is interested in starting their own business. Wiht a Pinky’s Chop Shop license you’re able to benefit from our brand and use any trademarked material.

You’ll stand with the Pinky’s Chop Shop name and benefit from the years of experience we’ve spent growing and innovating our business. As a licensee, you’re able to tailor your Pinky’s Chop Shop and grow as best as you see fit — you can enter the market more quickly and have established support and resources at your disposal.

If you love what Pinky’s Chop Shop is doing

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Acquire An Established, Successful Business Concept

Collaborating with Pinky’s Chop Shop means you won’t have to do it alone — you can create a thriving business that is centered on our already established and successful business concept. Throughout the licensee agreement and lifetime of your business, you’ll receive assistance from us. Whether it’s working on a strategy for growing your clientele to the best marketing practices — Pinky’s Chop Shop has your back!

Innovative Products And Services

Whether you’re brand new or are a veteran in the industry, Pinky’s Chop Shop has tried and true products that we love and unique services that serve a wide range of clientele. When you become a licensee, you benefit from all of our research, development, and expertise of our products and services.

Small Business Ownership With Streamlined Processes

If the independence of owning your own small business is beckoning you, becoming a Pinky’s Chop Shop licensee is a great way to do so. With years of experience, we know exactly what has worked for us to collaborate with you to streamline your business — it’s the little details that make small businesses successful, and we can offer that to you! With our stable and proven track record merged with our established brand loyalty and recognition, you are able to bypass much of the unknown with streamlined systems supported by marketing and branding avenues that people already recognize.

Pre-Opening Assistance And Low Start-Up Costs

Starting a new business is as exciting as it is terrifying, but Pinky’s Chop Shop can help usher stability as you’re building it. We offer pre-opening assistance with operations such as design, site selection, construction, training, and grand openings, which help to keep start-up costs at a minimum.

Be In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself!

Becoming a licensee of Pinky’s Chop Shop allows you to cultivate a thriving business while partnering with us for business support and development. You’re backed by a successful brand with the expertise, tools, technology, and resources to grow your business. Collaborate with Pinky’s Chop Shop today!

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