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Life is too short for bad barbers and even worse haircuts! At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville, you’ll always get one of our skilled and vetted hairstylists that can give you the right cut every time!


Men’s Cuts And Beyond!

At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville we do more than men’s haircuts, we provide comprehensive men’s grooming services including:

  • Military Cuts
  • Custom Haircut
  • Line Up
  • Edge Up
  • Basic Beard Trim
  • Custom Beard Trim
  • Men’s Facial
  • Classic Shave

Men’s Grooming Services Fayetteville

When you walk into Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville, this is the place where you can kick back and relax and know you’ll get the best men’s grooming services around.

What’s included in our men’s grooming services at our Fayetteville location?

Military Cuts

At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville, we’re all trained and versed in military cut regulations — just let us know that’s what you need, and we’ll get to work. This essential haircut tapers off the sides completely, while leaving just enough on top. 

The great news is, it’s low-maintenance, practical, and looks good on just about everyone! Get your military cut at Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville today!

Custom Haircut

There are so many varieties of custom men’s haircuts to fit your personal style! We can do them all — from the popular undercut and crew cut to the tousled and quiff!

At Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville, we create a customized haircut that takes shape, hair color, wave, and density into consideration. 

Line Up

Straighten up and freshen up your look with a line up! Instead of going the way of a natural hairline, we can create lines and sharp angles with clippers to shape your temples, forehead, sideburns, and back of the neck.

Edge Up

An edge up follows the natural hairline to create a sharper look — it freshens up everything up!

Basic Beard Trim

Are you going for a nice full, thick beard, yet is it looking a little haggard? Get a basic beard trim from Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville to shape and trim everything up — especially at the neckline!

Custom Beard Trim

Beards take on many shapes and forms and we can give you a beard to be proud of! From a full beard and chin curtain to the extended goatee or the old Dutch style, we love creating a custom beard for our Fayetteville patrons!

Men’s Facial

Take an intermission from your day with a men’s facial complete with face cleansing, scrub or mask, and topped with toner and moisturization.

Classic Shave

Who doesn’t love a hot towel shave with a straight razor and post-shave treatment? This is exactly what you’ll find in Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville!

Our comprehensive men’s grooming services at Pinky’s Chop Shop in Fayetteville means you walk away with a cut, beard trim or shave that will make you feel like a new person!

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