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Enjoy learning about us and what makes up the unique team at Pinky’s Chop Shop!

Our Team


Sarah Meet Sarah, the driving force and proud owner of Pinky's Chop Shop, where she not only leads but also practices her craft as a skilled Barber/Stylist. Originally hailing from the vibrant city of Charlotte, NC, Sarah boasts an impressive career spanning over two decades in the dynamic world of hairstyling. Sarah's journey began with four years of higher education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. However, fueled by a lifelong passion for the art of hairstyling, she made a pivotal decision to enroll in cosmetology school in Charlotte, graduating in 1999. From a young age, Sarah harbored the dream of making a name for herself in the hair industry, a dream she has not only realized but also surpassed. Over the years, Sarah's commitment to her craft has been unwavering. Her dedication and expertise have played a significant role in shaping Pinky's Chop Shop into a renowned establishment known for excellence and style. As both the owner and a practicing Barber/Stylist, Sarah embodies the perfect blend of leadership and hands-on involvement. With a career spanning more than two decades, Sarah has witnessed the evolution of hairstyling trends and techniques. Her experience, combined with a genuine love for her craft, allows her to provide exceptional services and create memorable experiences for her clients. For Sarah, hairstyling is not just a profession but a lifelong passion that she has nurtured since childhood. Her journey from a dream-filled child to a successful business owner and stylist reflects her dedication to the art of making people look and feel their best. In Pinky's Chop Shop, clients don't just get a haircut; they experience the culmination of Sarah's years of expertise and passion for the hair industry. Beyond her expertise, Sarah takes joy in fostering a positive atmosphere for both her team and clients. Her outgoing personality shines as she builds connections and meets new people. Sarah's love for the industry is rooted in its ever-changing nature and the close bonds formed among stylists and barbers. On her days off, you'll find her enjoying the company of her dog, Caine, delving into reading, experimenting in the kitchen, and tending to her garden. Dreaming of a cross-country adventure, Sarah envisions her ideal vacation as a journey traveling in an RV, embracing the freedom of the open road.


Amy at Pinky's Chop Shop
Meadow Introducing Meadow, from Huntsville, Alabama, whose journey in the industry began at Austin's Beauty College in 2006. Her passion for hair traces back to her childhood, where she observed her mother artfully crafting hairstyles and even practiced on her Barbie dolls In 2019, Meadow relocated to Fayetteville, where she found her professional home at Pinky's Chop Shop in 2021. With a keen eye for detail and a flair for precision, Meadow has honed her skills over the years, becoming particularly adept at creating stunning low fades and scissor cuts. She revels in the artistry of using her clippers to bring together the perfect fade, showcasing her dedication to the craft. Beyond the shop, Amy is a devoted mother to two children and a proud owner of an Australian Cattle Dog named Oliver. Her love for family extends to her home life, where she describes herself as a contented homebody. Meadow finds joy in donning comfy clothes, cooking alongside her husband, and savoring the simple pleasures of life with a glass of wine in hand. Meadow's journey is a testament to her passion, from her early fascination with hair as a child to her role as a skilled Barber/Stylist at Pinky's Chop Shop. Her commitment to her craft and love for cutting hair shines through in every client she serves.


Angelica at Pinky's Chop Shop
Angelica Meet Angelica, a creative soul originally from the picturesque landscapes of Washington State. A graduate of Clover Park Technical College, Angelica embarked on her journey in the hair industry in 2012, establishing herself as a seasoned professional with a unique perspective. Angelica's initial foray into the world of academia led her to study psychology, but she soon discovered her true passion lay in connecting with people through the art of the hair industry. Building relationships while transforming hair became her way of fostering meaningful connections with her clients. Specializing in beard trims, Angelica has found a niche where she can channel her expertise and creativity. Beyond the salon, her interests take a fascinating turn into the realms of Bigfoot and ghost hunting, reflecting her adventurous spirit. On her days off, Angelica finds solace in catching up on some much-needed sleep, recharging for her next creative endeavors. When it comes to her culinary preferences, she savors a good steak paired with a Bloody Mary, indulging in the finer things in life. At home, Angelica is accompanied by three beloved companions—two cats named Sprouts and Sprigs, and a fish named Danzig, adding a touch of joy to her daily life. Angelica's personal style is a reflection of her wild and untamed spirit, described as "feral with goblin energy." This unique blend showcases her individuality and passion for embracing the unconventional. Clients not only leave Angelica's chair with a fresh look


Chelsie at Pinky's Chop Shop
Chelsie Introducing Chelsie, a seasoned hairstylist with a passion that transcends borders. Originally from Pennsylvania, Chelsie graduated from Tony & Guy Academy in 2013, marking the beginning of a journey in the dynamic world of hair. Chelsie's love for the industry goes beyond mere aesthetics; it's a genuine passion that has fueled her expertise. Specializing in fades and, in particular, beards, she has honed her skills to perfection, turning each client's visit into a personalized experience. One of the aspects Chelsie cherishes most about her profession is the opportunity it provides to connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Her commitment to going above and beyond for every client is a testament to her dedication, ensuring that each service is tailored to the individual. Beyond the shop, Chelsie's adventurous spirit comes to life. Whether she's horseback riding, hiking, or immersing herself in any outdoor activity, she finds joy in the natural world. On her days off, you'll likely spot her taking her two German Shepherds on a hike, exploring hidden food gems along the way. Chelsie's dream vacation takes her to the enchanting landscapes of Ireland and Germany, reflecting her love for cultural exploration and new experiences. In her chair, clients not only receive a top-notch haircut but also a glimpse into the vibrant personality and genuine warmth that defines Chelsie's approach to both her craft and life.


Robin at Pinky's Chop Shop
Robin Meet Robin, a skilled Barber Stylist from the Burlington, North Carolina. Since 2011, Robin has been a dedicated professional in the hair, fueled by a lifelong passion for the industry. Driven by her love for hair, Robin embarked on her cosmetology journey in Manhattan, KS, where she graduated and honed her craft. A North Carolina native at heart, she made the decision to relocate to Fayetteville over three years ago, a move that brought her closer to family and marked the beginning of her tenure as a valued member of the Pinkys team since 2021. Specializing in skin fades, Robin's expertise shines, especially when wielding her beloved BaByliss Pro Fx Boost Clippers. Her commitment to staying current with the industry's trends and techniques keeps her inspired, ensuring that she consistently delivers outstanding services and exceptional experiences to her clients. Outside the bustling atmosphere of the shop, you'll find Robin enjoying quality time with her two sons and her loyal companion, Nova, her dog. A lover of the outdoors, she relishes moments spent amidst nature. Robin's interests extend to shopping sprees, savoring the flavors of Mexican cuisine, and indulging in the rich warmth of good whiskey or bourbon. In Robin's chair, clients not only receive a great haircut but also experience the genuine passion and dedication she brings to her craft. As a Barber Stylist, she strives to create not just a haircut but a memorable and personalized journey for each client.


Tasha at Pinky's Chop Shop
Tasha Meet Tasha, the vibrant Barber Stylist with a passion for transforming hair and creating confident, stylish looks. Originally from Spokane, Washington, Tasha's journey in the hair industry began at the Paul Mitchell Academy in 2016, marking the commencement of a career that has thrived. Tasha's dream of being a part of the hair industry manifested into reality right after high school, and since then, she has dedicated herself to honing her skills and creating memorable experiences for her clients. As a valued member of the Pinky's team, Tasha specializes in fade haircuts and beard trims, reveling in the opportunity to make people both look and feel their absolute best. Beyond the world of hair, Tasha indulges in various hobbies that showcase her diverse interests. Photography allows her to capture moments and express her creative side, while longboarding and playing pool add an element of excitement and fun to her leisure time. On day off, Tasha's priority is spending quality moments with her two sons. Whether exploring new places or embarking on spontaneous travel adventures, she values the importance of creating lasting memories with her loved ones. In Tasha's chair, clients not only receive a stylish haircut but also experience the genuine passion and dedication she brings to her craft. Her commitment to making people look and feel their best is a testament to her love for the art of hair and the positive impact it can have on individuals.